Artistic Flow
Artistic Flow Fusion

This lyrical dance class will serve the “Softer side of Marci” she begins with a set warm-up, stretching and core strengthening set to a playlist that is emotional and moving. She then goes on to teach a combination that combines the athleticism and artistry of dance set to beautiful music that will find you wanting more…In this class Marci encourages you to bring more to the steps she gives you by adding your own artistic freedom and movement.

ballet fit fusion
Ballet Fit Fusion

Center Barre and Conditioning all choreographed to the music. Don't hold your breath, make happy faces, relax your upper body. Lift up from underneath and take it at your pace. No pressure, all progress- you have got this!

Barre Fusion

While based on classical ballet, Barre Fusion will cater to all levels. Be prepared to sweat, listen to great music, and feel muscles you didn’t know you have working! Class will begin with a quick warm up followed by sequences of barre exercises and stretches. Utilizing your own body weight, this class will incorporate elements of pilates and yoga fused with ballet barre for a total body workout.


Cardio Barre

Take Barre fitness class to a new level!  Cardio Barre incorporates slightly higher intensity exercises with the lower intensity targeted isometric toning exercises.  At only 45 minutes, this class is a quick way to elevate your fitness!

Jazz City
Cardio Jazz

A sassy, heart-pounding cardio dance class! Cardio Jazz starts 15 minutes of warm up followed by 45 minutes of dance. The routines are simple and easy to follow and include basic elements of traditional jazz so whether you're a beginner or advanced dancer, you're bound to get a workout and have fun at the same time!


A high-intensity circuit training class that combines a wide variety of ever-changing exercises and exercise equipment including plyometrics, free weights, resistance bands, ladder drills, medicine balls and other strength training and cardiovascular exercises. Increase your stamina, strength, and endorphins in Circuitry!  Modifications are offered so all levels welcome!

Dance Fitness

A fusion of cardio, dance, booty shaking, and strength training all rolled into one fun 60 minute session! Class begins with a 15 minute warm up, including dynamic movements, stretching, and core work to get you prepared for 45 minutes of fitness fun! Whether you are brand new to exercise or a seasoned veteran, Desiree offers options throughout class to allow you to work at your preferred level of fitness.

HiiT Fusion

High Intensity Interval Training can come in many shapes and formats, but this class uses 30 second periods of activity followed by 15-20 seconds of rest to offer a creative mix of strength and cardio, providing a well-rounded workout in one class. The class is extremely versatile utilizing movements from multiple disciplines of fitness whether its focuses on strength, athletic performance, flexibility, stamina, or balance. The format also allows for class sessions to focus on one particular muscle group or go for a full-body approach. This class is great for people at all fitness levels. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or taking one of your first fitness classes, you’ll get something out of this class.


Strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and agility all combined in a creative, 60-minute, total-body, circuit training workout, designed by professional athletes.  "Open to all levels."  No matter where you are on your fitness journey, HyperDrive can help get you to where you're going.   HyperDrive - where you don't just move like an athlete; you are an athlete!

Cardio jazz

Jazz City

In this 60 minute jazz class, Marci begins with a set warm-up that consists of basic stretching, isolations, plie’s, tendu’s and ends with core and upper body strength exercises. Then she takes you across the floor to fine tune your jazz technique with jazz walks, turns and battements. The rest of the class is spent learning an upbeat jazz combination that is full of high energy and quick sharp movements!

MC² (Muscle/Cardio)²

Weight-baring exercises have many proven health benefits including increased bone density, preservation of muscle mass and strength, and the prevention of diabetes.  So, come reap the health benefits of MC2 while you tone your muscles, increase your stamina, and balance your body, all in this one hour super-set based workout.

Retro Fit
Retro Fit

The best music comes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s and that incredible music is what inspired this class!  Class begins with a quick warmup and then you'll jump into a time warp, alternating between disco, 80s, and 90s hits.  Small hand weights are used to increase the intensity of this follow along class.  Whether you're a "Maniac" a "Dancing Queen" (or King), or an "Ice, Ice Baby" this fun, hour long workout will fly by!

Strengthen & stretch
Strengthen & Stretch

This class begins with a dynamic warmup to prepare your body for 30 minutes of strength exercises designed to increase power, bone density, and endurance.  Following the strength portion comes the stretch.  For the stretch portion, Desiree combines her background in dance, yoga, and personal training to give you the recovery your body needs whether you want to take another class or simply end your day.


Desiree combines her background in dance, yoga, and personal training for a class that is comfortable for and on all levels. Whether you want to relieve tense muscles or a tense mind, this class will do both.  Come unwind from the stresses of the week with a blissful, productive stretch. Your body will thank you.  Yoga mat is not required, but recommended.


Yoga Basics

This class introduces the fundamental principles of alignment. Students will be introduced to yoga postures through step-by-step verbal cues and demonstration. Emphasis is placed on student understanding, safety, and stability within each pose. 


Yoga Flow

This class balances, strengthens, and centers both your body and your mind.  Vinyasa flow helps you cultivate the connection between your breath and movement.  This class will encourage you to push past your edges and find your inner strength.


Yoga Tone

Yoga Tone is a full body flow based on cardio, strength and flexibility designed to strengthen every muscle group in the body. Class begins with breathing and alignment-based warm ups to properly prepare the body. Light free weights are integrated throughout along with plyometrics and cardio bursts for a total body workout.  Class finishes up with a period of restoration and recovery. All levels class.


Jazz Fusion

A funky, jazzy, sassy blend of jazz and hip-hop delivered in Melvina’s unique style.  This choreography building class starts with a warm-up to get everyone into the groove.  Then a routine is taught one easy to follow 8-count at a time. A little jazz, a little hip-hop and a whole lot of heart pounding fun...  that's JazzFusion!