Although Interfusion Fitness was founded in 2016, the seed was planted long before.  The seed was a simple concept -assemble high-quality fitness instructors from a wide variety of fitness disciplines, and put them all under one roof.  We knew we couldn't be the only fitness enthusiasts who preferred variety in our fitness lives.  Sometimes we favored circuit training, sometimes yoga, sometimes a muscle-building weight-lifting class, sometimes a heart-pounding cardio dance class, or sometimes a technical dance class.  Other times we found ourselves in the mood for a chilled-out stretch class, or high-intensity interval training, or a barre class.  In other words, we love cross training…the original definition of cross training - training through a broad swath of fitness favorites.  However, the main obstacle to satisfying our craving for cross training was driving all over town to do so.  To eliminate that obstacle, we created Interfusion Fitness.

At Interfusion Fitness, variety is now found under one roof.  With three studios set within 4,200 square feet of space, and a highly-skilled, well-trained, friendly and enthusiastic staff of fitness professionals, variety is now as simple as walking out of one studio and into another, or even staying put in the same studio as the classes switch over.  

At Interfusion Fitness we bring the best to you:  sports-inspired fitness training designed and delivered to you by world-class, former professional athletes; movement classes by professional dancers and choreographers; a variety of yoga forms from top-notch practitioners; and other dedicated veterans of the fitness industry, as well as varying styles of personal training.  Besides creating and effective and enjoyable workouts, our main focus is on strength and overall health, with a heavy emphasis on proper form and technique.  Safety first.  We believe getting fit is a senseless process if you continue to get injured during the process. 

‘Fitness for All of You’ is not just our tagline, it’s our world.  It’s the way we want you to feel each time you walk through the doors - As IF Interfusion Fitness was created for you.  Because it was.  It was conceived and built as a fitness destination where people of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, genders and backgrounds, can feel comfortable getting their fitness on.  It’s a judgment-free zone (yes, we even have No Negative Self-Talk ‘swear jars’) where strangers effortlessly become friends, as they connect over fitness and other similar interests.

It’s no secret we wanted Interfusion Fitness to be different.  When you first enter Interfusion Fitness, you will notice a difference.  A different feel.  A different vibe.  A different moxie.  You will immediately absorb the energy of the midnight purple floors, and realize you’re out of the box.  With its welcoming reception area, snacks, drinks, and free WiFi, Interfusion Fitness is more than just a great place to work out.  It’s a great place to hang out.

We hope to see you soon!